Wednesday, May 07, 2014

May update

  • Die Gefangene des Ritters by Joanne Rock (Cora Historical Collection -- Germany) (May 2014)
  • L'avventura di una notte by Kate Walker (Harlequin Harmony Collezione -- Italy) (June 2014)


  1. I am wondering what Nathan has been doing lately because I have not seen him on the front covers of books here. I have the L.L.Bean catalogs with him modeling some clothes there. His cooking website is not active for a long time. What (or how is he doing so far?


  2. I don't think he's doing anymore book covers. I also have seen him occasionally on Pendleton and Jhane Barnes catalogs. IMO, he's probably focusing on his family now that he has a son, as indicated in one of the videos posted below.

  3. Oh, I am surprised that he has a son. I am happy for him, and congratulations for Nathan.
    Thanks for letting me know.