Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1st Look: NY

1st Look's Jackie Tranchida and Nathan Kamp explore the streets of NYC, both old and new, with the Levy Family, New York's first family of tour guides! Taking us through the history of the famous 5 Points district and the incredible graffiti of Bushwick, these destinations are not ones to be missed. And what NY experience could ever be complete without some delicious grub and drinks? They hit up the new City Sandwich in Hell's Kitchen and the legendary 169 Bar in the Lower East Side.


  1. What's with the hands in the pocket thing, Nathan?

  2. I watched it, but I could not understand any conversation between those people because I am deaf and it is not closed-captioned. I am wondering if this can be closed-captioned.

  3. I don't think close-captioned is provided for this video.