Saturday, February 02, 2008

Feb. update #1

Added more Nathan covers to the list.

Wild Roses by Hannah Howell (Aug. 2008)
Lost in You by Alix Rickloff (Aug. 2008)
Dark Magic by Christine Feehan (May 2008) (reissue)
Danger's Kiss by Sarah McKerrigan (May 2008)
The Lord's Forced Bride by Anne Herries (March 2008)
Vision of Seduction by Cassie Ryan (July 2008)


  1. Hi, CT
    I tried to email you but clicking the links take me to a deadend, blank page on gmail.

    Anyway, I just had my first Nathan Kamp cover and I would love to add it to your collection.

    It's for the first book of my trilogy for Silhouette Desire, THRONE OF JUDAR. The book's title is THE DESERT LORD'S BABY, and I think the cover is just fabulous, conveying the book's Arabian Nights ambiance and one of its major scenes perfectly.

    Would you please email me at oliviagates @ oliviagates. com (without spaces, of course!)

    With all best
    Olivia Gates

  2. He also did Kiss of the Highlander by karen Marie Moning. Great page by the way

  3. Thanks, Anon. Anyway, the book is already on the list. :)