Thursday, January 03, 2008

Jan. update #1

New year, new look -- that is until I decide to change to a new theme again. LOL. If you can't see the change, try reloading the page.

I've cleaned up the Links section -- broken links are removed, and new links are added. :)

And here are some more covers I've added to the list...

The Wayward Debutante by Sarah Elliott (Feb. 2008)
To Taste Temptation by Elizabeth Hoyt (May 2008) **
Housemaid Heiress by Elizabeth Beacon (Feb. 2008)

** edit (March5, 08) : Apparently, there's a second version of Elizabeth Hoyt's cover, which is not Nathan. So, this cover might be taken off the list. Until the actual book comes out, I'm keeping this cover KIV at the moment.


  1. NK is one of the male models in the men's clothing section at Walmart. What a nice treat!!

  2. Hi, CT!!! Happy New Year! Oh, my. I never saw those ads before. My goodness. he's just so fit n lanky, isn't he.

    Hope you're doing great! Thanks for keeping on top of all these covers. :)

  3. Hi Michelle! Thanks for dropping by.

    Finding the covers is something like a habit now. Can't help it. :)