Sunday, September 24, 2006

NK Covers update

New NK covers added in the list. Yay!


  1. Have you seen the commercial yet?

    I have a few covers to offer up to ya - Meljean Brook's "Demon Angel" and maybe Deidre White's "Parallel Seduction". The 1st one for sure, the 2nd one, not quite sure.

  2. Alas! I haven't seen it yet. My TV is being repaired. :|
    Sunny said she was watching the ESPN sports channel for when the commercial was on. Maybe you can try to look for it there.
    Oh, thanks for the covers. :)

  3. I'm sure I'll be looking for the commercial. :-D
    Great site, CT! I love looking at Mr. Kamp's covers.

  4. Here is the website for
    Mr. Kamp's Gillette Television Commercial:

    and then click on the
    Gillette Fusion #3 ad !!!

    This commercial is longer than the edited versions I saw on tv.