Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More Nathan Kamp Covers

Well, I happened to find more NK covers when I wasn't even looking for them..

As for World Cup, I am enjoying the games tremendously. Portugal is looking better, especially Christiano Ronaldo. :) And I hope Italy would make it far. I really want to see more of del Piero and Nesta. Don't have much hope for France. It's a pity, really. I hope to see more of Spain, too. And of course, Argentina, who are fabulous on their matches, so far.

del Piero



Cristiano Ronaldo



  1. You rock, CT. Not just for the NK cover, but because you are a woman who appreciates the world's greatest desporte! I gotta get everybody else over here to see your tribute. Who do you take today, Italia or Ukraine?

  2. Thanks, Michelle. Italy has always been my no.1 fav team. :) I'm hoping to see them until the finals. That's a big wish, but anything can happen!